Learn Spanish, French, or any other language on your smartphone. Smart devices have different features and apps that you can utilize to learn how to read and write fluently. Thinking about adding more international travel into your schedule before the year ends, you will want to know about these apps and features.

Turn On The Caption

You can learn even when you are being entertained. Throughout your day, you will get on YouTube or watch Netflix. Instead of just mindlessly watching something for fun, turn on the captions so you can pick up on new words in the language you want to learn.

On YouTube, you can click on the icon at the bottom of the right screen that says CC to get the captions to appear on the screen. If it has a red line underneath, it means the caption is on.
Reading and hearing the language can help you improve your comprehension quickly. You can listen to music and news in another language using the caption settings on YouTube, Netflix, and other video platforms. Learning another language can be simple when you make it interactive and include it in your downtime.

Use This Instead Of Google Translate

Remember the days of the traditional dictionary book? You probably don’t have an enormous dictionary book you carry with you at all times, but you can still access a digital dictionary via your smart device.
A digital dictionary can help you learn the correct way to pronounce words the right way. Although Google Translate is one of the most common sources to understand what someone says in various languages, it doesn’t always say words or phrases correctly.
Go to the app store to download a foreign language dictionary to help you pronounce words correctly.

Download A Language Exchange App

This app is another excellent tool that you can use to start to use the words that you are learning. If you are constantly texting your friends or in each other DMs on social media, then download a language exchange app. With these apps, you can connect with an instructor so that you can text and read in another language.
The internet makes it possible to connect to people that are native speakers in their countries. Use the digital world to your benefit and build relationships with others that live in a different country and have a different lifestyle than you.

Audio Books & Podcasts

Audiobooks and podcasts are a great way to learn a new language. Although traditional books are still a staple for a lot of people, audiobooks and podcasts are another way to help you correctly pronounce words in another language. Reading a book can help you see the text, but you cannot hear the pronunciation of the words.
Discover audiobooks and podcasts that will not only help you learn a new language but can unlock your knowledge in other subjects that you could be interested in, such as science, literature, or art.
With technology, there is so much that you can learn. Navigate through different countries easily when you understand the language and the culture. Let the race begin with how many stamps you can get on your passport when you start to learn multiple languages.