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Take your laptop with you everywhere you go with confidence. We offer the best laptop protection at the lowest price. And to make it even better, we've added affordable accessories so that you keep your laptop covered when you are out and about.

When you want to upgrade your laptop, you can also use your membership plan to do it. $29.95 per year


Phixey Membership Benefits


If your device should ever break while you are a Phixey member, we will repair your device for free with no additional cost.


Unlimited Talk and Text
No additional lines
No pre-payments


Thousands of accessories priced at $4.95 with free shipping!

How it works

A Phixey membership is full of great benefits! Should your device break or need repair, our #1 benefit is we fix it for free with no deductible.

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The place to get your phone fixed! And super fast. TMobile would have taken a few days minimum. Dropped it off and picked it up a few hours later. Works better than new. No if I can only stop dropping it.!!! This insurance was a no brainer.

I was quite skeptical at 1st that phixey would actually pay out. I was concerned that this may be a scam even! I signed up anyway figuring that the risk reward was in my favor for $20. I cracked my screen and when I scheduled a repair, I recieved a call back that same day, and they had set up an appointment at CPR for the very next day. I came down there still unsure how this would actually pan out and an hour later I am writing this review from a brand new screen. Unbelievable service! Unbelievable pricing! This is seriously by far the best insurance plan out there

I dropped my phone And broke the screen on my Samsung note 10 plus. I notified Phixey and explained what had happened to the phone, they told me they would get the part on order and notify me as soon as it came in, within days I was contacted and able to go in and have the phone repaired. The repair took about an hour and my phone is as good as new. This is a great company, I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

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For complete infotmation, check out our terms and conditions

Phixey is a club for cell phone, tablet, laptop, computer, and wearable owners, like AAA is a club for car owners. With membership comes tremendous benefits, but the number one benefit is, if your device ever breaks, we will fix it for free, and in some cases, we can even come to you.

We are a club that gives its members peace of mind that they never have to worry about their devices breaking, never have to worry about high wireless fees, and can always get accessories at wholesale prices; all for a very low one-time annual fee.

Access to all Phixey Membership Benefits such as free repairs with no deductible, Phixey Wireless, unlimited talk and text for just $10 a month (no catch), accessories at below wholesale prices with free shipping, and a 25% discount in our 300+ affiliate stores.

Yes! Phixey Wireless is a benefit for being a Phixey member.

Cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers, and wearable devices

The way to enter this information is as follows. Login to your dashboard by clicking on login in the top right-hand corner of the website, and use your email as your Username, then put in your password (the same one you entered when you signed up), and click Log in. If you forgot your password, just click on Forgot Password. Once logged in, click on Dashboard in the top right-hand corner, then click on Devices, and your device memberships will appear. Then click on Activate, and you will be asked to enter the device name and model, the device IMEI or serial number, and a picture of the front showing the IMEI number, and a picture of the back of the device, and then click Save. You must do this for each device you have a membership for.

Add as many family members as you please. The more memberships, the bigger the discount. You can reduce your Phixey cell phone membership from $19.95 to $14.96 a year after receiving a 25% discount through the Phixey Volume Discount Program.

One year

No. You can start saving those monthly premiums, because you will never have to pay a monthly premium or a deductible again.

We work with thousands of technicians and cell phone repair stores nationwide. When a repair is needed our automated system will locate a technician near you to fix your device ASAP.

Yes! You can visit one of our locations, or a technician can come to your residence, business, or any general location. If you decide to have a technician, come to your home, they will not enter the house. They will repair your device(s) outside.

Nope. None. Nothing. Nada. Ne. Ingen. Nee. Hindi. Ei. Non.

60 days from the time you enter your device IMEI or serial number into your Phixey back office.

If a device cannot be repaired, we will not replace it.

No. You can cancel within the first 3 days, but we cannot return the membership fee once a member uses a Phixey benefit.

No. Unless you add additional devices. Then, renewal would be at the new discounted price.

Unfortunately, no. Because we only charge a very low annual fee, we cannot do a $300 repair for $19.95. We are happy to do a free repair for individuals that break their device while they are a member. If your device is broken before becoming a member, we ask that you get it fixed and then join Phixey for future protection, and to enjoy our other incredible benefits.