The Phixey Advantage

Our mission is to provide mobile device owners peace of mind without monthly premiums and high repair costs.

Benefits for subscribers

By subscribing, you become an exclusive member of Phixey and have access to the following.

Skip the search to find a repair specialist near you.

End commutes to the repair center for your broken device.

Save more time and money with us. We’ll take care of your devices. All you have to do is subscribe and apply for repair.

Free Repairs

Receive a free repair on your device with no deductible. Our technician can give you quality in-store repairs, or we’ll save you the trip to the repair store and come to you. Download our app to track your technician's arrival to repair your device.

$4.95 Accessories

Finding the right accessories for all of your devices just got easier. Whether you need a new laptop case or charger, Phixey has a wide range of inventory, starting at $4.95, which will complement and give you a better experience with your devices.

Wholesale Priced Pre-Owned Devices

We provide affordable prices for any brand of pre-owned device. All of our pre-owned devices have certified parts. Getting a new smartphone upgrade doesn’t have to be costly. We make it simple for you to get the devices you want.
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Phixey Wireless

Unlimited talk & text for only $10 a month. No additional lines need to be purchased & you don’t have to pre-pay for more than a month. Stay connected no matter where you are.
Coming Soon.

Discount Tiers

Each device has its own membership. The more devices you add, the bigger your discount. Add enough devices and get up to 25% off your total membership. You no longer need to buy insurance from expensive carriers. We protect your phone, tablet, computer, and more once you become a Phixey member.

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Why Phixey?

Compare how Phixey stands up to similar products and see why Phixey membership is better than having costly insurance plans.

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