The 5 Best Places to Take Pictures On Your Phone While You Travel In 2023

Are you considering traveling to a few places on your bucket list this year? Then, you will want to know what are some of the most photographed places you can visit.
Remember those days when you had to take out a Kodak camera to take a picture? You wouldn’t see your picture at that moment because you had to develop the image at a store or camera shop. Well, you don’t have to wait to see your photos now that almost everyone today has a smartphone.
Take a breathtaking picture on your phone if you are thinking about going to those photo worthy places.


Peru is supreme for photographers who love to get those gorgeous landscape shots. This world renowned 15th century landmark is almost eight thousand feet above sea level. Its stunning high views make the clouds look like they are touching the mountains. At Machu Picchu is the Aguas Calientes, a place where you can shoot astrophotography and capture the Milky Way.

When you plan your trip to Peru, don’t forget your wide-angle lense and your landscape photography lense to get the picture that you want.


This beautiful west region state is a great place to take beautiful photography. A lot of visitors that go to Arizona love to take pictures at the Grand Canyon. However, the Antelope Canyon that is an hour and 48 minutes away is a remarkable place to visit as well.

It is popular for its colorful, fractured walls. When sunlight hits the cracks, it reveals a beautiful view. Incredible images are produced with natural lighting or artificial lighting.


Take amazing astrophotographs in Hawaii. You're going to be ecstatic when you can shoot in a superior stargazing area in Hawaii. Mauna Kea is one of the tallest mountains and volcanoes in the world and is Hawaii’s highest point. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about light pollution ruining your night shots.


One of the most popular sites to visit in Egypt is the pyramids. In Cairo, one of the most photographed pyramids is the Pyramid of Khufu. Pyramid of Giza is another place that a lot of people like to visit. This specific destination has a lot of lighting so you won’t have to adjust your smartphone or camera too much to get a great image.


This South American country has plenty of scenery for spectacular images. Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats is located in the Andes of southwest Bolivia. It is a dried-up desert lake with only a thin layer of water that is covered in the wet climates. When the water evaporates and the ground is revealed it shows a solid layer of salt and other minerals.

When the thin layer of water covers the ground, you can take reflection images that look like the sky mirrors the ground. It is worth learning how to take these beautiful pictures if you plan on traveling to Bolivia.


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