Phixey has been in the electronic repair business for over 15 years, helping customers with their cell phone, tablet, and laptop repair services. So, we know this business inside and out. We have agreements with DrPhoneFix, Techy, Experimax, and InMotion, totaling about 300 stores worldwide. For our customers, this means that they have no limits to where they can go to get their phones repaired. And, it creates a flexible work life for our technicians. By creating a win-win for our customers and clients, we are helping the economy and creating jobs.

Our goal is to revolutionize the repair industry. Device owners can have peace of mind that their devices stay protected without high repair costs, monthly premiums, and high deductibles.

Phixey is simply a club for cell phone, tablet, laptop, computer, and wearable owners that gives you tremendous benefits starting at $14.96 a year (not a month). Yes, $14.96 is the starting point to protecting your cell phone, tablet, laptop, computer, and wearable devices.

The Phix is in. The days of high repair costs, monthly premiums and ridiculous deductibles are out.
Welcome To Phixey!!!